First Ride With Baby & Thule Chariot

It’s been a busy few months with our new arrival, but I am beginning to get back out on the bike again.

Last weekend was just a short ride but it was a big deal with the first outing for Elowyn in her new bike trailer and also the first ride for Melinda in awhile. GoPro at the ready we ventured out to a park to test out the chariot.

Off Camber #9

Not2Bad from Anthill Films is out in July

Back again with more fun and hijinks interspersed with awesome riding in great places it’s Anthill Films latest offering. The trailer is out now (via Pinkbike) Due out on iTunes on July 11th.

Trans-Provence 2016

Watching these summaries of each day makes me want to be there soaking up the atmosphere, riding some of these trails, and especially racing them, is beyond my abilities but I’d like to have a crack at some of them and you can bet the nature and spirit of the event would make the riding even better.

Links via MTB Mag

Wiggle and CRC to Merge

After earlier speculation the Competitions and Market Authority gave the go-ahead for the merger to form WiggleCRC. I’ve ordered lots from both companies and have had nothing but good experiences, though that probably can’t be said for all. It’s gonna make researching prices easier as I won’t have to compare these two anymore. Via Singletrack.

Changes to Red Bull Rampage for 2016

Will be interesting to see what the changes will bring to the event, going back to basics, less riders. Best of all it’s scheduled for my birthday so a day off is on order to kick back with a beer and watch it live. Via MTB Mag.

Manifesto á Velo

The person who distinguishes himself from that purposeful crowd by conceiving it as such should be called a cycleur. And that person – who has discovered cycling to be an occupation with no interest in ultimate outcomes – knows he possesses a strange freedom which can only be compared with that of thinking or writing.

– Valeria Luiselli

Off Camber #8

Tragic News – Stevie Smith Passes Away

Pinkbike reporting the sad, sad news that Canadian rider Stevie Smith passed away yesterday at only 26 years of age after an enduro motorcycle accident in his hometown of Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Stevie was an inspiration to me as he was to countless others. Watching him ride was a pleasure, he always seemed impossibly fast and fluid.

“Today we lost a great person, who taught me about myself and influenced many,” says Devinci Global Racing Team Manager, Gabe Fox. “Stevie was a fierce competitor, an honest friend and a rider who made me proud on countless occasions. I am honoured to consider him my friend for so long.”

If you like to, donations in his memory can be made to the “Stevie Smith Legacy Fund” at, the money raised will help support other talented young athletes.

Dirt Magazine has a memorial roundup of Stevie on-screen.

Strava’s Global Bike to Work Day

So May 10th rolled around, I wasn’t even aware of this event until a biking friend mentioned it when I was already at work having taken the bus in. It was a day of near constant rain here so I probably would have left the bike here.

Some of the commute durations seem a little long to me at over 13 hours, call me suspicious but for all I know they could be right. Right?

A Journey to Harris, Scotland’s Forgotten Island

I really enjoyed this article from Enduro Mountainbike magazine, it’s a great read and the photography is fantastic remote places like this are calling to me, the urge to go on adventures like these get stronger as more time passes.

WGE Eastridge

The final round of the Welsh Gravity Enduro series is next weekend. We rode some of the trails a few weekends back and there is some excellent riding. I’ll be in Scotland on holiday so best wishes to buddy Paul Williams who will be smashing it on his Stanton hardtail.

Shimano Tweedlove International Enduro in Peebles

As luck would have it (oh look honey there is a big mountain biking event in the area the exact week I’ve suggested we should holiday in the area) we are going to be there to watch the racing.

All being well I will be riding the trails the day after before we head home via a stopover in the Lake District.

50 Sketches of a Bicycle

Gianluca Gimini shares his collection of sketches of mens bicycles, drawn by his friends and random strangers, from memory.

There are some interesting models there, some of which would not hold up well to being ridden should they actually be made.


Off Camber #7

An occasional, sometimes-kinda weekly, roundup of thoughts, recent riding, news, videos and other entertaining bike stuff from around the Internet.

Not Afan

Thanks to car parts suppliers refusing a warranty claim and then supplying a faulty part, the fuel pump on our car wasn’t replaced till Saturday lunchtime. With a broken front coil spring on the other car driving to Afan to ride the trails Saturday and watch the WGE Round 1 on Sunday wasn’t happening.

A big well done to my friend and riding buddy Paul Williams for placing 11th in the Hardtail category in his first Enduro race. The weather looked very grim on both practice and race days. Looking at the photos a life jacket would not have too extreme in places.

Car still not fixed I rode Cannock Chase with friend and colleague Steve.

[ecko_fullpage_image]Steve on FTD[/ecko_fullpage_image]


It’s not Afan, but I’m a fan! (See what I did there?)

12 Survival Tips For An Unplanned Night On The Trail – Singletrack

The contents of my riding backpack have grown over the years. These days for any ride that’s not a quick loop of the local trail centre (during the day) I am riding with a bigger pack and more gear “just in case”.

I also plan more, especially when riding on my own and in places or at times when I am likely to be the only one around. Part of this is letting someone know where I am going to be riding, my planned route and when I am likely to be back. Kinda common sense stuff but it could turn out to be a lifesaver, or at least spare some perhaps needless discomfort.

Riding at night and/or in remote areas carries extra risk but prep and some basic kit can make a lot of difference if the unfortunate occurs.

Go read the linked article, it’s got some basic, common sense points (to most people) but the CHALET nemonic is handy. Also the Bothy shelter is one of the next bits of kit I’ll be adding in for longer rides (and walks) with inclement weather or planned rest stops.

Video: Bike Park Wales 2016

Great teaser vid the the trails at BPW, take a look at the trail map sections on their website for more videos is fine of the individual runs.

All being well I will be there on Saturday watching the Enduro racing, cheering my riding buddy Paul on, and taking some photos.

Someone, anyone, remind me to book and uplift day there this year.

Opinion: Will 2016 Be the Year of the 29er? – Pinkbike

An opinion article largely based around the growing adoption of 29ers by some Enduro riders and the increasing availability of better tyres and new bike models.

Now #1

I have added a #Now page to this site at the end of last year with the intention of recording what I’m currently upto bike-wise.

I’m going to try posting changes as blog posts so I, you, anyone who cares can track progression, or not.

If you want to read more about Doff of the hat to Derek Sivers for the idea of /now.

Planning Spring and Summer rides and events. Making excuses due to the cold weather to not ride as much. Enjoying some night rides at Cannock and weekend rides on Monkey trail and some downhill runs at Stile Copy.


I decided against entering the Batch Burner this year and won’t be attending the Ard Rock Enduro event due to the unanticipated and very exciting arrival around that time of a little Chris & Mel.

After all the bike packing talks I caught at last Years Alpkit BigShakeOut I’v entered the Welsh Ride Thing having last done it a few years back. This time I’ll be riding the Lite version.

Off to Afan soon to ride the trails there and then take photos of the WGE event which a friend is racing.

Bike Fettling

Fitted a Purgatory rear tyre which was the easiest tyre so far to setup tubeless! seated correctly first try. Bought a Stans NoTubes Injector to assist with filling.

Still need to tweak suspension setup a little, for a start making sure the bike is setup as suggested based on my weight with riding gear and pack on, especially now I’ve put a little weight on.

New Kit

Purgatory rear tyre. Morvelo jersey and bib tights (yet to use) thanks to the sales. Vulpine socks thanks to my loving wife.

Kinda want a new pair of glasses for XC as the top ridge on current ones is too thick and obscures my vision a bit.

Mood and Last Updated

Looking forward to riding tomorrow and may venture off to explore some off piste trails. Today is Friday 12th February 2016.

‘Face to Face’ with Steve Peat

An interview with the Legend that is Peaty, who is a hero of mine and a big inspiration. Also I desperately want a home office like that, bikes included.