Emily Chappell on the Transcontinental Race

Unfortunately we missed Emily Chappell’s talk at the Alpkit Big Shakeout as we were unable to get there in time on the Friday evening after finishing work.

We do however get to enjoy her fantastic writing thanks to her blog, including her experiences on the Transcontinental race.

Emily’s writing is a fantastic insight into the physical and mental determination it takes to participate in adventures like this, and a reminder that we can all push our boundaries and gain something positive from the experience.

…endurance is far more about mental strength than physical ability; about the brain’s ability to ignore, or subvert, or over-ride, the signals from the body that say ‘this hurts, this really hurts, I can’t go on, please can we stop now?’. You don’t have to stop when it starts to hurt. Pain isn’t the end.

Head over to Emily’s blog to read more, here are links to the Transcontinental race articles:

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