The plans and hopes I had in my head for events for this year has changed quite a bit despite being only 6 weeks or so in.

I will no longer be riding the Ard Rock Enduro Sport in August. Instead we have a brand new adventure planned with the hopeful arrival of our first child. This could affect any future riding plans I have, maybe, probably.

Aside from that I didn’t get a place in the Prudential London 100 ballot and decided not to enter the Batch Burner this year.

This weekend (February 20th) I will be riding Afan on the practice day for the Welsh Gravity Enduro Rd 1 but I’m leaving the racing on the Sunday to a friend.

April brings #MTBMeetup which I’m really looking forward to. A day of social riding at Llandegla sounds awesome.

End of April and start of May brings the Welsh Ride Thing. I’ve entered the Lite version and I am currently riding it solo unless anyone joins me.

Aside from those I’m going to play things by ear as time (and no doubt cost) will become an issue following the eagerly awaited arrival of our new family member.