Off Camber #1

A weekly, or more likely occasionally-sometimes-kinda weekly, roundup of news, videos and other tidbits I found interesting and/or entertaining.

British Cycling Ban Rider Cameras via Singletrackworld
Following the UCI change in regulations British Cycling have also chosen to ban riders from wearing cams while racing. Use if cameras during practice is allowed but only fitted to the bike and not the rider. No more helmet or chest cam footage like this episode of This Is Peaty (Helmet cam video in the Singletrackworld article, link in title, is a corker too). A real shame.

Via Ferrata on a Bike via Singletrackworld – as sketchy a place to ride as it gets. Breathtaking views.

Tools and Apps for Bike to Work Week via The Sweet Setup – its National Bike to Work Week in the U.S a short roundup of apps and gear from the Sweet Setup team. i’m currently using Strava Premium thanks to a free trial but I cant honestly say its worth it for me. Strava as a whole is great though but im not sure ill continue to stay on premium.

One Hot and Hairy Ride via Pinkbike – the funniest bike video i can recall having watched. Clever and fun.

The Townsite via Pinkbike – a beautifully photographed and well written story of the production of a riding video.

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