Off Camber #5

A weekly, or more likely occasionally-sometimes-kinda weekly, roundup of news, videos and other tidbits I found interesting and/or entertaining.

Claudio’s Course Preview: Mont Sainte Anne – via pinkbike
As always a highly entertaining course preview but this time with double the fun thanks to two previews, one solo run and one with Tahnee Seagrave.

“This is not Super Mario Land, this is Canada.” – Claudio Calouri

Welcome to the Church of the Holy Trail
Cranked magazine with an interesting piece, it’s all about having fun on two wheels. Debate can be healthy but though we may all differ in our approach and values we are also all jaunt enjoying riding our bikes.

“Mountain biking isn’t a **** religion. It’s riding around around muddy fields in circles.„

How Do Bikes Stay Up via @CTC_Cyclists
Bikes are magic, but there’s also a bit of Physics involved too.

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