Off Camber #9

Not2Bad from Anthill Films is out in July

Back again with more fun and hijinks interspersed with awesome riding in great places it’s Anthill Films latest offering. The trailer is out now (via Pinkbike) Due out on iTunes on July 11th.

Trans-Provence 2016

Watching these summaries of each day makes me want to be there soaking up the atmosphere, riding some of these trails, and especially racing them, is beyond my abilities but I’d like to have a crack at some of them and you can bet the nature and spirit of the event would make the riding even better.

Links via MTB Mag

Wiggle and CRC to Merge

After earlier speculation the Competitions and Market Authority gave the go-ahead for the merger to form WiggleCRC. I’ve ordered lots from both companies and have had nothing but good experiences, though that probably can’t be said for all. It’s gonna make researching prices easier as I won’t have to compare these two anymore. Via Singletrack.

Changes to Red Bull Rampage for 2016

Will be interesting to see what the changes will bring to the event, going back to basics, less riders. Best of all it’s scheduled for my birthday so a day off is on order to kick back with a beer and watch it live. Via MTB Mag.