Snow Ride

Getting out the door is the hard part. Once the threshold is crossed the commitment has been made and it gets easy. The thought of the cold and wet lying ahead becomes less daunting, something trivial to overcome in the pursuit of adventure.

Riding on freshly snow covered trails feels more epic, even if it is a short lap of a local trail centre that’s never too far from civilisation. The layer of white powder gives even familiar trails a ‘new’ feel to them and makes the everyday view that little bit special.

Snowy landscape

Snowy trail side trees

For awhile anyway, as the snow quickly gives way to brown slush. Crap that covers your bike and clothes and replaces the crisp sound of tyres rolling on snow to the all too familiar sloshing sound of mud and water.

I’d still rather be out enjoying this short seasonal treet than miss out. That’s what gets me through the front door.

Slightly muddy after a snowy ride